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A quick thread for my developer friends who've 10-fifteen-twenty years in the game. Possibly you are a dev who's been maintaining and clean on the newest due to the fact bounce, Or perhaps you have been utilizing the very same trustworthy framework on your whole career. pic.twitter.com/H228QRmlTr

Be sure to just be honest. Your whole body of posts are more concerned with critics, and give passes to Sasaki, indicating what an incredible tiger of Zen he was. newerwords on Sasaki and people shedding mild:

Judging with the reception because of the Han from the Hinayana performs and from your early commentaries, it seems that Buddhism was staying perceived and digested through the medium of religious Daoism (Taoism).

@helpmepls: Hmm, I couldn't get much resource on this. No icons and the details. If you recognize any Chinese sites that describes the skills in detail through the TMST version, I could perform the translation.

However Zen-narrative states that it's a "special transmission outdoors scriptures" which "did not stand upon terms",[sixteen] Zen does Possess a loaded doctrinal track record, and that is firmly grounded within the Buddhist custom.[seventeen] It absolutely was completely influenced with the Chinese comprehension of Yogacara as well as the Buddha-character doctrine,[eighteen][19] Zen integrates equally Yogacara and Madhyamaka,[twenty] along with the affect of Madhyamaka may be discerned while in the stress on non-conceptual Perception plus the paradoxical language with the koans.

Dragon’s Raid appears buggy as it will DC (disconnect you from the sport), so prevent employing in PQ as it'd squander your PQ entry tries. Dragon Destroyer summon is helpful for bossing particularly when the boss casts crucial armor the place it only absorbs vital harm out of your assaults. Dragon Destroyer bypasses that buff the boss places on. The Void Techniques to Superior Severe Shadow mainly updates the intense Shadow destruction and doubles the hit fee.

I get so pissed off Once i see people endeavor to silence speech with suggestions about authorized consequences for people who whistle blow and plan to make for much healthier communities. Jim, if you have a scenario towards Grace, I propose you provide it towards her.

Yet another problematic position is that of the sangha’s female enablers; They could both take part in sex Together with the teacher them selves or may well location the bulk with the blame around the Gals who do. These sangha Women of all ages might have their unique motivations, Potentially wishing to maintain an idealized and dependent connection While using the Instructor, or to be his “favourite”. They might slide into believing the common stereotype on the evil seductress who brought down The nice gentleman.

(Regardless of the website web here hosting it, this post has no “dim Zen” in it — at the very least not The sort that website advocates!)

I got an e-mail from a Group member who was sensation like they hadn't saved up on the newest tech. Obviously, anything you discover today might be out of date tomorrow, correct? I am overcome pondering it!

How a lot more baffling would it be for being groped as Element of koan follow? A lady would marvel, Exactly what does it indicate in A non-public interview by using a Zen Trainer? Does the groping test my power to transcend our normal constraints?

“Definitely I by no means felt like his target. Anytime, I might have slammed the sanzen door, walked down the mountain, caught a cab away from there and nevertheless be his scholar. I chose to stay, out of regard for somebody uncommon who I thought of an excellent teacher.”

Great short article and an interesting point of view about Guys instructors and men practice becoming taught to Ladies and monastery with Adult males and girls both underneath the same Instructor and roof.

Zen fantasy and lore are aged and impressive, and weren't developed by us (instructors, students, balanced or unhealthy sanghas). We’ve inherited them from custom, and it’s as many as us to understand how to cope with them and convey to them other than truth.

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